Our Story

True North Church was birth when Rev Roland and Annette and the 6 months old daughter Imago came out of a tragic fire which nearly took their lives. Got an education, started True-North church in Dallas. A couple of months latter they got called to plant a life giving Church in the city of Austin. Rev. Roland and Annette have a heart to make it on earth as it is in heaven. 

Our 12 Stones

+We preach the Gospel

In our songs, at our services, with our words and with our lives, We celebrate and share the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a way people can understand.


+We love people

All of them! Backgrounds, shape, color, size, education, salaries, single, married, young, old, churched, de-churched, unchurched.


+we protect unity

The poison of gossip, complaining, backbiting, discord and division are not welcome here. Nor will they be tolerated.


+We are planted in Church.

With a purpose of generosity we share our time in connect Groups, Our gifts in serving and our money through giving.


+We serve the Hurting.

The poor, the orphan, the lost, the forgotten and the broken are close to God’s heart and we want them close to our heart as well.


+We fight for surrender

We are on a path to see every part of our lives ( Speech, finances, sexuality, insecurities, fear, triumphs etc. ) conformed to the character of Christ.


+We speak to mountains

To those we lead, we work beside and those we follow. The cross gives every human being immeasurable worth. And we will treat people with the honor the cross displays and demands they deserve.



+We walk in humility

Because God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble, We seek to agree fully with everything God says about us. False humility and overbearing pride can cripple the Church. 



+ We see with eyes of hope

God’s final word is always good. If it’s not good then it’s not final.



+We express joy and thanks

We laugh, we celebrate, we applaud. We show the world and God our gratitude and happiness. We enjoy life!



+We lead like Champions 

Our confidence and competence is not based on our skill and talent, but on the glorious victory of our savior Jesus Christ, Who through His death, burial and resurrection defeated darkness and redeemed the world. His victory is now our victory.